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World Vision Ausstellung im Kölner Rathaus begeistert die Besucher und fordert zum Handeln auf

Children as messengers of peace - against war and violence

Almost one hundred visitors came on 17.09.2013 at the Spanish building, Lichthof, Rathausplatz, 50667 Cologne in the city hall of cologne. Opened on this day

"World Vision Germany" in cooperation with the city of Cologne the exhibition "I'll kill you - children in armed conflicts". The photo exhibition is a guest

monday, Wed and Thu: 08:00 -16: 00, Tue: 08:00 -18: 00 and Fr: 08:00 to 12:00 clock. Admission is free. 


Acting - instead of looking away

The exhibition was opened by Manfred Wolf, mayor of the city of Cologne. It's been on display at the European Parliament in Brussels,

in the German Bundestag and in the Representation at the United Nations in New York. World Vision is involved in an independent children's charity

for many years for peacebuilding and civil conflict transformation. From different perspectives this photo exhibition impressively, with

which especially challenges children's face in the war and inform them about their life situation. Especially in the focus are the

Uganda, Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Visitors are invited to take action as part of this exhibition.

v. left to right
Manfred Wolf - Mayor of the City of Cologne with Christoph Waffenschmidt - CEO of World Vision Germany


Judy Bailey - Ambassador with heart and soul

Christoph Waffenschmidt, Chairman of the Board of World Vision Germany e. V. took over following Mayor Manfred Wolf the other

Ambassador Judy Bailey and her husband Michael.

She has been involved with World Vision's projects for many years and has impressively shared her experiences with them

Impressions so every single visitor had the feeling to have been there live.

Judy Bailey - World Vision Ambassador


When friends become enemies and the home is no longer a home

Christoph Waffenschmidt, himself a father of a six-year-old daughter, describes the problem and the trauma with children in war zones

"Although we can witness the events of almost the middle of nowadays, the situation of the children often remains

difficult to imagine ".


Yesterday friends - today enemies, yesterday a game - today suddenly bitter serious.

Incomprehensible to children  is now exchanged for the future. He tells "about the problem

give a fled Lebanese child in Afghanistan education because of the language problems

to take on this difficult task. And adds: "usually these refugee children are all on their own" because of the parents - often self-serious

traumatized by the experiences in the was and so can no support for the children. The adults retire to their own world and

The children usually suffer the rest of their lives from the consequences of their experiences.


  Doing daring things - being a hero

 The exhibition "I Can Get You - Children in Armed Conflicts" is an offer for young people and adults based on illustrations and concrete examples

 Transfiguring destinies into the situations of children in war zones and awakening empathy for the suffering of the children. "Look and act instead of looking away"

 is the motto. Although aid, protection and self-initiative can be demanded by politicians, they can also be directly implemented through individual projects. Everybody can

 acting - and to this end, each visitor will receive concrete and constructive suggestions on how to become active on the basis of examples in the exhibition.


Children as a messenger of peace

World Vision advocates for the children's right to grow up non-violently and for the benefit of disadvantaging children. In the context of long-term

Development projects, disaster relief and advocacy lobby and campaign work, the Christian relief organization is committed to girls and boys

from around the world with the goal of developing a "culture of peace". Ekkehard Forberg World Vision peacebuilding expert brings peace

In a nutshell, I am told that peacebuilding plays a major role in all three areas of work mentioned above

Countries " children as messengers of peace " trained. In other countries again, girls and boys are taught in joint projects,

regardless of their ethnic origin or religion. Here, the children get to know each other but also to respect differences and common

To discover interests. Only then can a "culture of peace" be developed and endure in the long run.


Civil conflict management should have a strong but above all well-informed lobby in the interest of children, which is increasingly committed to goals such as: B.

stronger controls on arms trafficking, better protection of children against violence and abuse by armed groups, early action by politicians

mit klaren Entscheidungen wie mit Flüchtlingskindern und Waisen verfahren werden soll aber vor allem das Kinder stärker in den Focus rücken und man ihre

Ideas and perspectives better respected and considered. These points should be taken into account in all areas of peacebuilding, because only then can

Long term change for children in war zones and have a positive effect on their development. Until then, it is still a long way.


Nevertheless, it is to be hoped that through this exhibition in each individual visitor something can be done so that he or she is encouraged to act, himself


to do something for world peace and the children of this world.


Co-organizer of this exhibition is the city of Cologne. Media partner of this exhibition "I'll get you - children in armed conflict" is the  editors Cologne and more. Photos and text: Nadine jump