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„Heiliges Köln“ im Videoclip

As part of its focus on marketing activities 2014/2015 - "Holy Cologne" - KölnTourismus has completed a video clip. It can be viewed on the YouTube channel "VisitKoeln" and on the website www.koelntourismus.de. The clip is 2:37 minutes long and provided with subtitles, and is also available as an English version.

In the short film, the viewer gets a first impression of the variety of religious and historical buildings and cultural highlights, from the UNESCO World Heritage Cologne Cathedral on the wreath of Romanesque churches to the works of the Archdiocese of the archbishopric KOLUMBA and the archaeological zone ,

The theme of "Holy Cologne" is used by KölnTourismus to advertise various activities and offers for visiting the cathedral city. Currently, top-class exhibitions, eg in the Cathedral Treasury, in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud and in the Museum Schnütgen, give insights into the tradition of Epiphany worship and the artistic representation of cathedrals. For its part, KölnTourismus has developed special offers and a special signet with special travel packages and thematic tours.

The annual theme of 2014/2015 has already had a major impact on the press and tour operators this year. The 850th anniversary of the transfer of the bones of the three kings to Cologne and the associated activities play a role in this as well as the integration with the annual theme of the German National Tourist Board "UNESCO World Heritage Sites".      

The video clip "Heiliges Köln" is one of five thematic short films that KölnTourismus currently produces.


Link to the clip: www.koelntourismus.de/Film-Heiliges-Koeln 


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